August–Faith and Wisdom in James This unit offers a five-lesson study of wisdom as seen in the letter of James. These lessons explore the interaction of faith and wisdom, including practical advice regarding faith in action and taming the tongue. The study ends by contrasting two kinds of wisdom.
August 2—Faith and Wisdom: James 1:1-11 People desire to be seen as wise. The letter to James affirms that God gives wisdom generously and ungrudgingly to those who ask in faith.
August 9—Hearing and Doing: James 1:19-27 People read and talk about doing what is right, but find it difficult to help the most vulnerable in society. According to James, righteousness is achieved by hearing and acting on the Word of God.
August 16—Living Faith: James 2:14-26 Some people make bold claims about the standards by which they live, but their actions deny those claims. James says the one who has genuine faith will demonstrate that by his or her works.
August 23—Taming the Tongue: James 3:1-12 The spoken word can be either an affirming or destructive force in the lives of vulnerable humans. James informs believers that only through the discipline of taming the tongue can the fruits of godly wisdom be made visible.
August 30—Two Kinds of Wisdom: James 3:13-18; 5:7-12 Throughout history, many have risked their lives by resisting oppressive regimes, thus saving the lives of others. What moves a person to defy evil and choose to act for the good of strangers? James compares and contrasts the motivations of using wisdom for righteousness or for evil.